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Since January 2001 I have worked at Portland State Univeristy, School of Extended Studies as a student assistant web developer. In that time I have become fluent in CFML, Javascript, HTML, XML, and more. I cannot count the number of pages I've done. Primarily, projects for the school are handled by several individuals. As such, though I can say I contributed the bulk of ColdFusion programming for such sites as CEED Catalog, PDC Catalog, and ECTC Programs and Video Library, I cannot claim any PSU-related site as entirely my own.

Listed here, however, are sites that I can claim as being completely developed from start to finish by me, including graphic design.

The Robot Directory The Robot Directory

Completed in the summer of 2003, The Robot Directory combines an intuitive interface with a powerful set of search tools to provide the robotics enthusiast quick access to a large database of robotic projects online. The site offers secure login, image upload, voting, and a variety administrative tools for anyone to add and maintain their own robot listings within the site. All data on the site is accessible in under four clicks. Each robot category is associated with a color, used consistently throughout the site, to give the visitor a visual guide to help navigate the site.

Advertisement views and click-thrus are tracked, robots are promoted, and products are listed and sold via the non-intrusive information colums along the sides of the site. All robot information provided is fuly printable and will fit on a standard 8.5" X 11" piece of paper. Companies can list their commercially avialable kits within the directory listings in a subtle yet effective manner. All listings show up in the Robot Viewer, a small window available on the site that can be added to off-server sites with a single line of code. In other words, free advertising.

The Robot Directory is powered by ColdFusion, Javascript, and a small amount of ASP.

Enterprise Power Rankings Enterprise Power Rankings

Created in the spring of 2003, the Enterprise Power Rankings ranks the series' episodes, writers, and directors. But here's the catch, only the episodes are assigned a rank... UPDATE: Not true any longer. The writers and directors are now ranked via database as well. Originally, a slower yet more unique approach was used, which involved dynamically generated arrays of structs. The method proved too slow and bug-ridden to be worth the time.

Enterprise Power Rankings is driven by entirely by ColdFusion. It a small set of statistical equations to rank the writers and directors.

Invasion 2213 Invasion 2213

Created in the summer of 2003, 'Invasion 2213' is a simple website devoted to my most recent 'Total Annihilation' videogame project.


Last update: April 24, 2004
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