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Here is the source code, documentation, and makefile for my Unix shell SQUISH. Be warned, it's very simple.It compiles using gcc or g++ in a Unix environment.

Below is my one and only "commercial software" release, which is now free.

CD Art
Mynn Logo

Mynn Expansion Disc
$12 + $5 s&h
Approx. 40 sales worldwide
No longer available
Download units here (5.6 Mb)
Click here for animation code

CD Contents:

  • 75 units for third team, the "Mynn" in 2 different styles
  • 100% all new textures, explosions, sounds, and models
  • 7 original songs by Erhan Ergenekan
  • 2 new interfaces for the game
  • 3 animated clips
  • Flash install program


Last update: April 24, 2004
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