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News 4/12/2004

Okay, maybe it is time to be afraid. First, school has taken away most of my free time. Second, I'm losing my tolerance of 1997 graphics. Third, I've recently start work on an ambitious web project that sucks up my minimal hobby hours. Finally, I think TA fandom is effectively dead.

The project is on life support. I'm borderline deleting this site and closing up for good. To give you an idea of how grim things are: I've already begun reworking the XClone interface into my new web project's layout.

News 1/25/2004

Fear not, this project is still alive. I've been working on new map tilesets in Lightwave and have made build pics for all existing units thus far. I'm also working on the new interfaces for each team. Progress will be much slower during the term. My goal is for a release sometime this summer. I figure with so many people in school, it makes sense to target a release for when everyone has more spare time anyway. :)

News 11/28/2003

Lots of progress has been made. The Myth race is one unit short of its initial 8, an equation has been developed to keep all units perfectly balanced with one-another, and the gameplay and sounds effects continue their customization. Thus far, it's looking very good. Each team, however, will have an initial 9 units now in order to keep them more balanced. This means that I still have five more units before I start playing with other aspects, such as the GUI, build pics, et al.

News 11/19/2003

The conversion underwent another major beta-test last Saturday. Several balancing issues were resolved and a few minor bugs fixed. The Myth team had an extra unit added (picture will be up soon). Most importantly, all units were reduced in size and speed by 50%, as well as made more sensitive to terrain height. This should make strategic unit positioning even more critical in the games.

The goal is to get an early version of Invasion 2213 out by mid to late December.

News 11/08/2003

Lots of new Myth units tonight. In order: lab, metal extractor, and open/closed solar panel; Kaje solar panel redone.


The lab is actually from an old, old, old version of the Mynn, while the other two are brand new. (The solar panel animates very nicely.) If anything, however, I might be replacing the Myth and Xclone labs along with the Kaje metal extractor, since those look the worst in my opinion. Still, having them in now lets me do a lot of the testing needed for balancing.

News 11/04/2003

A significant number of small updates have been made, including the replacement of an XClone mech with a more balanced artillery robot.


News 10/30/2003

The Kaje, USA, and XClone teams underwent initial beta testing. A few balancing issues were adjusted and a few more still need to be addressed. Still, no major glitches in the code. Everything ran smoothly. Among the upcoming changes to be made soon:

  • Replacement of second large XClone robot with smaller, infantry robot
  • Long-range Kaje beetle weapon adjustment
  • Kaje commander weapon fix
  • Commander cloak cost decrease
  • Sound effect adjustments
  • Completion of first 8 Myth units

News 10/12/2003

'Buddha', the Myth commander, is now working. Expect longer delays between news posts as school starts to gain intensity. The USA team has also undergone initial pre-balancing, a process in which I begin to approximate the cost and build time of units. I've already done this for the XClone and Kaje teams.

News 10/06/2003

The Myth commander is undergoing a few bug fixes but is essentially complete. The story behind the Myth team will involve an alien race emulating the ancient human gods. Of course, in reality they're effectively space-thieves dealing in a variety of stolen technologies, weapons, and cultures. As such, the Myth commander has shades of the XClone commander in its arms and breathing. It has a DGun that involves lightning and storm clouds. The effect is still being worked on. As are bugs being worked out of its nanolathe and primary weapons animations.

Myth Commander

News 10/04/2003

The eighth Kaje bug-race unit is complete. It's a long range artillery-armed beetle. With its completion, I can now begin work on the Myth team.


News 09/30/2003

To clarify on the resource units: they will NOT be clones of their Arm/Core equivalents. They will be higher cost, yield less resources, and most likely take a long time to build. They are in the game to supplement the need to reclaim land features and wreckage for metal and energy, not supplant them. Also, they will most likely be cloakable for strategic reasons. Resource units should be rare and used only to maintain some type of stable resource income.

Secondly, expect unit balancing to be more like 'Empire Earth' than 'Total Annihilation'. That is, specific units take out specific units. For example, a certain type of tank does more damage to a certain kind of robot but gets hurt more by a certain kind of bug. It's looking pretty good thus far. I'm really pleased with everything. Too bad school studies will dramatically slow down my progress!

News 09/28/2003

I've decided that resource units will be included in the pack after all. Therefore, the new solar and metal extractor units for the first three teams have been added and are view-able in the images section. That makes for a total of 23 units thus far added and near-complete. (Balancing has not been put in place for any units.)

News 09/26/2003

The new site is up! This is the home to 'Invasion 2213', my first —most likely last— 'Total Annihilation' project since the Mynn. 'Invasion 2213' will be feature four completely new and very distinct alien races. The balancing and gameplay will be competely different from the original TA. At present time, there are 15 units complete. Some are entirely new, some are 'recycled' from past units. Thus far, 13 are brand new and 2 are updates of units part of past unit releases.


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