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April 24, 2004:

Obviously, I still haven't gotten around to overhauling this site. The problem is that I'm too busy with school to even think of trivial things like hobbies and other sanity-keepers. I think part of the new site will involve some sort of "power blog." Considering how rarely I can put a hobby update online and how irrelevant these updates would be anyway today, I feel the format needs changing. (It's not like the days of TA or animation progress, that's for sure.) I don't want to do something stupid like a "ooh, this is me, this is my girlfriend, here are photos of my buddies and me having a kewl time" type blog. The Net has too many of those as is. I'm thinking along the lines of a pseudo-editorial. A mini-essay every so often, so to speak. I'm an exceedingly opinionated person —anyone who has traversed over my Trek site probably has noticed this. I figure since I'm fortunate enough to have a growing audience for the E.P.R., I should capitalize on it and "branch out."

The reality of "blogs" is typically they serve little more than a meaningless read for a random visitor or a vent for someone without a better emotional outlet. Of course, the theory is one can rant and not have their identity known outside his or her clique. Supposedly that's the big perk. That's pretty cowardly, in my opinion. Why choose to put your thoughts online only to go halfway? Why water 'em down and then hide? Sure, that's melodramatic for me to state. But if anything the web should be here for that sort of thing. I've got the intelligence, education, and writing skills at my disposal. It would seem like a waste for me not to utilize them via self-publication. So what if I write something stupid or personally revealing? I need the extra writing practice anyway.

Or not. School usually makes these kinds of decisions for me.

March 31, 2004:

I think it's safe to say my frequent blogging days are over. I don't have the interest or the time to update it too often. Plus, this site really is no longer reflective of my latest creative efforts. Most things here are easily over two years old! For those who read this site (for reasons I don't know), expect a major overhaul soon. I'm thinking it needs to represent my present projects/talents/interests better.


  • Consider Invasion 2213 99% dead. I haven't worked on it in months. The Total Annihilation fanbase is pretty much gone anyway. Though I might release the files for kicks one day.

  • Speaking of TA, I don't think the Mynn will be available for download after the overhaul. It's showing its age too well.

  • I've started a new online project, which is easily more ambitious than The Robot Directory.

  • I haven't had the chance to figure out if putting S&J online is legal. I thought it would have been fun to do. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to pursue it further. I can't imagine interest was ever that strong from those who put it together anyway.

January 25, 2004:

I have the camera and card. I don't have the hard disk space or time. So who knows when a movie might be made. Speaking of video, I have a digital copy of my high school play 'Snowbells and Jingeflakes.' While almost every aspect of it is grating to watch (acting, singing... acting), I can't help but think there might be people who were involved with the show and would like a copy but don't have one. I'd like to put it online but don't know what the legal issues are surrounding that. Hopefully I'll be able to get in touch with someone who knows. No luck thus far.

December 31, 2003:

Well, well, well. Thought I'd never post again, eh? I broke my hand around October 14, ironically. I guess I spent all my time reviewing 'Star Trek' rather than updating my humble blog. So, lemme see. I finally got a new, digital camcorder and firewire card. So once I sketch out some story boards, filming on the "Pimp" movie should begin.

As far as writing/publishing news goes, I actually had one out of four editor/readers approve my latest story. So while the other three rejected it, all took the time to tell me what they felt was wrong. That, of course, is a very good sign because it means I was close to being published. Recently, I purchased more material on how to write fiction. I wouldn't be surprised if 2004 is the first year I'm published with the progress I'm making.

Happy New Year. I have no idea why this site gets as much traffic as it does, but needless to say I appreciate all the support people have given me for my Trek, video game, art, and robotics hobbies. It's nice to know I can provide people a little entertainment every so often.

October 14, 2003:

I'm strongly considering adding advertisements to my sites. You see, I'm not in the best of financial situations thanks to continual rising tuition costs. To obtain ads, I might be changing the layout of this site again, splitting it down into further subsections and leaving only a mainpage that references all of them. It could be fun. I'm hoping to get a new (read: functional) camera in the near future. I'd like to put up a webpage for the "films." Alas, when the last camera died so did our initial pimp footage. Fear not: the film will be made.

Also, I've got at least one story about ready to send out. I'll probably be basing another short on a mini-film script I enjoyed. Not that this means anything until I'm actually published.

September 27, 2003:

'Invasion 2213' is now home to all my "TA News." As such, I've deleted most of the unit pics from my blog. You can get them on the new site. It was a fun, quick project before school starts up.

September 3, 2003:

I'm debating whether or not I prefer the cartoon cell-shading style of rendering or not with my latest Xenoclone. Here's my newest picture, the Xenoclone in front of a simple test background. Click on the image to get a high-resolution version.

Xenclone Test Image

August 23, 2003:

I don't know if this will be the final version of the new Xenoclone character, or if I'll be revising it more. Here's what I've got. I like the cartoon-style rendering myself.


August 15, 2003:

Oh yes, a new Xenoclone animation is in the works. It's time I put my Lightwave skills to the test.



August 13, 2003:

I saw my first UFO! Now, I'm not saying it was space aliens, but it definitely wasn't a —at least, typical— plane, satellite, or helicopter (I'm not an idiot, give me a break). Here's part of the report I sent to MUFON.

We were at Rooster Rock State Park watching the meteor shower on August 13th around 2:30 AM. Though the full moonlight kept us from seeing too many meteors, we still were enjoying the view. We were all laying or sitting down with our gaze facing northward. My brother, Kevin, said he saw a bright light. By the time my eye caught it I saw a brief indigo reflection or flash to the right of a bright dot, which was about as bright as a satellite. My brother, as he started to look away, mentioned a type of satellite he thought that type of flashing indicated. Right when he looked down, however, our friend Erhan and I watched as it curved around changed directions from heading south to northwest. (It moved about the speed a satellite would in the sky.) After a moment, it stopped and changed directions again, this time back south. (At least, I took that to be south. In reality, because it was so high up, it looked like it was moving down and up with "up" being south.) Then it stopped again and moved in a comparatively very slow circle in the sky. It did a similar pattern in terms of movement another one or two times (that is, changing directions and then doing a small circle). Eventually, it was too faded for us to see, though Erhan thought he saw it much closer to the north horizon about 30 seconds later. The whole incident took about five minutes. We were all calm, amused by the event. Later I was quite excited because it was the first UFO I'd ever seen!

Oh, and Lightwave works again. What a good day!

August 11, 2003:

Lightwave decided that it no longer wants to recognize my hardware lock, meaning I can't do any more 3D art until I get some tech-support from Newtek. Dang it!

I added SQUISH to the Software section. I'm also still playing with a few stories and planning my next Big Project.

July 18, 2003:

For the few Total Annihilation gamers left out there, I've been toying around with the game again. I've created a new commander. Pictures are below. Enjoy!


July 16, 2003:

I finally added in my web pseudo resume and blog. I've just finished The Robot Directory. I'm pretty proud of it.


Last update: April 24, 2004
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