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Animations that I have entered in online contests are below (all two of them). (Give me a break, animations are hard work!) The animations have been compressed into WMV format. The original, submitted formats are available via the Caligari links.

Xenoclone "Beta" Animation
Created in trueSpace v1.0

Xenoclone "Beta" Animation
1.49 Mb, 45 seconds (WMV)
Music by Erhan Ergenekan

Won "Honorable Mention" in June 2001 on Caligari.com

Xenoclone Animation
Created in trueSpace v4.3

Xenoclone Animation
1.40 Mb, 50.5 seconds (WMV)
Music by Free Play Music

Won "Honorable Mention" in March 2002 on Caligari.com

Coming soon: the preliminary artwork to these animations and new animations created with Lightwave 3D.


Last update: April 24, 2004
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