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Welcome to my homepage. Feel free to look around at this admittedly eclectic collection of my various interests. I started this site several years ago. At the time I had a fractional bit of e-fame thanks to my custom add-ons for the popular video-game Total Annihilation. Soon the site became home to my trueSpace animations, which received marginal praise contest judges. From there I began to put other things on the site, such as 'The Greatest Film of All Time' (described by some as the stupidest film ever made) and even the source code for a UNIX shell I wrote.

For reasons I can't quite place my finger on, I began to frequent Star Trek fan forums around the second season of Star Trek: Enterprise. A year later I started a website devoted to my "expert" opinions on the show. Its traffic has increased every month despite the show's ratings going down. I've been fortunate enough to even have a pair of folks involved with the show email me their support. How cool is that?

In my spare time I develop webpages. Though those who ask me to make a site for free quickly discover that free labor is very slow. Nonetheless, my humble sites generate modest approval from those that visit them. I'd like to think that I'm getting better with each site.

This one, however, is a tad out of date. It will be overhauled soon into a site more representative of my present self. I don't know what that means yet. But simply put: it's time for change. The contents here represent everything from the summer after I graduated high school through my fifth year of college. Most every political, religious, and social philosophy of mine has reversed over that time. And what's the point of a homepage if it doesn't appropriately reflect its owner?

Thanks for visiting,

—Chris Jorgensen


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Last update: June 15, 2004
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